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Bacon Flavored Toothpaste!

Yes, its true!¬† Not only do we have a jar of Baconaise at the gym, we have now been blessed with Bacon Flavored Toothpaste…Thanks Becky!

I believe it was brought in for an even BIGGER event.¬† I know right?¬† How could anything be bigger than Bacon Flavored Tootpaste?¬† Maybe I should just keep writing “Bacon Flavored Toothpaste”…

So another year has come and gone for our as of late long lost Trainer Sliv!¬† HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!¬† We miss you buddy.¬† Stop working on the road so much.¬† You should probably wander in a little more often.¬† I mean come on…whats more important…paying your mortagage and¬†eating or stopping by so we can see that sweet copper beard of yours.

You know you’ll always be a part of what we have at SPARK.¬† Most will never know, but I will NEVER forget what you did to help get this beast running.

Love ya my Maritime Brother.

Make fun of Sliv in the comments?  YES PLEASE!

I thought I would include this picture because its funny and because it made me think of Sliver.¬† Not because of his lady relationships but because he probably knows who this guy is…Is there anyone Sliv doesn’t know???

24 Responses to “Bacon Flavored Toothpaste!”

  1. Mark Walker Says:

    I’ll vouch for that. Sliv hard closed me on checking out Sparks… Thanks Bud. It’s been 6 months, I could probably use some of those closing skills again.

  2. Kim Says:

    And just to clear things up…No, Sliv isn’t leaving. He just works on the road a lot

  3. Cheryl Says:

    I agree……class is somehow always more eventful when you are there!!!! And you always give me the push I need…….but I have to say Even though we do miss you I def don’t miss your choice of music……lol you know what I’m talking about!!!!!!

    Secondly…….smart woman cleaning out the bank account!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bzwack Says:

    First of about the Bacon toothpaste delicious! And this gem has been brought to my attention just last night… Bacon perfume and cologne! Ladies sure fire was to pick up at the bar and I think I saw on the website free shipping fir Fathers day! There is the link if your interested.

    As for Sliv happy B-Day you were always a great motivator and willing to help after class with anything I needed. You even came in hung over with me on my birthday last year. But with that being said I wish I was there to give you a large Donair pizza and 2L of chocolate milk!

    Ps. Get better at working out

  5. Danielle Shelley Says:

    So glad to hear you are not leaving! I hope you enjoyed the Bacon smoothie. See you at the gym:)

  6. Lywood Says:

    Happy birthday bud; hope you squeezed in those burpees!

  7. Jonny Says:


    Pearl Jam sucks and Eddie Vedder couldn’t clean and jerk a mic stand.
    BOOM! Count it!

    Marrese OUT!

    On a serious note, Sliv, you’re one of the most stand up guys I know and you always know how to put a smile on my face. Good times with orange mocha frappachinos and bar hopping in Denver.
    You’re the kinda guy I’d have on my top three calls if I ever got put in the slammer or needed a couch to sleep on ‘cuz I deleted Jamey’s episode of Dog The Bounty Hunter off our PVR. I know you’d always be in my corner, right or wrong, to support me. A true friend you are. But Pearl Jam still sucks…Happy Birthday bud.

  8. Timmay Says:

    Sliv…you son-of-a-bitch!! Spark isnt the same without your slappy-clappy jumping jacks and your Pearl Jam. Seriously though, if you have never noticed how everyone smiles when you walk into the gym then you are blind Sliv… You’re an awesome guy and I wish you a very Happy Birthday!


  9. Kreegz Says:

    Look at you Sliv. Not only do you take over Facebook and twitter for the day you now get a blog post… That’s a pretty good indication of a great guy, and that you are. Hope you had a great birthday.

    And you DO know everyone… And let everyone know too ;)

  10. Jana Says:

    Happy Birthday sliv, miss your smiling face :)

    On another note, that chick is awesome,however the windows would be smashed and tires slashed. I would have gone Carrie Underwood on his ass!

  11. Becky Says:

    Happy B-day Sliv! I hope someone at least made you brush your teeth with that bacon toothpaste for that deliciously greasy bacon smile:) Did you do your bacon breath birthday burpees? Who needs mint and fluoride…it’s so overrated.

    Sliv-you are one of the friendliest guys I know and it’s always a treat when you’re in class! It’s people like you that make us all love working out at Spark.

  12. Erin Says:

    Happy Birthday Sliver!! Who would have thought that seven years ago when Kim was working for the Roadrunners that this is where we would end up!! What a trip!! I’m glad you’ve been there every step of the way, it wouldn’t have been the same without you! Love ya

  13. Kayla Says:

    Sliv!! Happy birthday!!! I definitely miss you at the gym :( and I need my running partner! No more working out of town please! Thank u for pushing me and taking extra time to take me running. I really really appreciate it! I even think I’m getting a tiny bit better! :p so anyyyywaaayyyy…. Have a wonderful day and I will see u soon!!!
    <3 kayla

  14. Jenny Says:

    Silver!!!!!! Happy birthday friend!! I hope you enjoyed that special bacon smoothie :)

    I just want to say I agree with everyone else pearl jams sucks and of course you are on my list of most awesomest people I know! You put smiles on people’s faces, even mine when do your slappy jumping jacks or just saying “HAH!”

    Thanks Sliv for not only making the world a better place, but spark too!!!!!!!

  15. David Says:

    Hey bud, looking forward to our next adventure in Sports! Maybe a day at my lake where I can teach you to Barefoot?

    I know curling was too hard on you, so you better get back in the gym soon! Next time we will play something you can’t break any bones doing!

    Happy B Day!

  16. Gregor Says:


    I didn’t know you used to rock the “Bucky slicked back look”…

    I’m still waiting to walk into Spark again and do Murph on a whim with you. Best workout I’ve ever had at Spark.

    I wish I would have looked at this earlier or crackbook, because I would have roasted you on air. It is in daytimer for next year, Wednesday the 13th…You will be what, 39,???

  17. Sliver Says:

    WOW! Where to start????

    First off….thank you Kim for the kind words at the top of this post. It has been a wild ride from scouting locations, weighing the positives and negatives of each of the spots with you and finally seeing you get excited about the furniture store on 34 Ave. lol
    Its been a wild ride man and I can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve for the future! ;)

    Now…on to the crew!

    MARK: It has been a while man, hope to see you back at the gym soon. Lets meet for another one of our business coffees and talk you into another workout. haha

    CHERYL: I know my tunes don’t get you motivated, but its nice to hear that I can. lol
    And if you ask anyone at the gym, class is definitely more exciting when you’re in it. ;)

    BZWACK: I’m always happy to stay behind and workout with you pal…and even happier to go out for, “just 1 beer.” I believe that was your exact quote the night before we ended up working out hungover. hahahaha

    DANIELLE: I’m never leaving! …and the bacon smoothie wasn’t as good as it sounds. lol

    SHAWN: I got all 33 Burpees in! :D

    JONNY: You’re killing me! I know you love Pearl Jam! I saw it in your fully dilated pupils in Vancouver at the concert. ;)
    Our adventures and stories are always some of my faves to bring up. We always have a blast. And should you ever mess up in any fashion I would be honoured to receive the call and lend a hand pal.

    TIMMMAAAYY!: Thanks for the kind words pal. Definitely humbling to hear something like that about myself. Much appreciated. And thanks for keeping me grounded when you’re around. ;)

    KREEGZ: You’re just one of the guys I let everybody know, that I know. lol
    Thanks buddy.

    JANA: We miss your smiling face too! Just pop by sometime for crying out loud. Think of it like you have to practice driving to the gym. That way you always plan on making time for us. ;)

    BECKY: I only smelled the Bacon Toothpaste and I quivered. That is some awful stuff. haha
    And thank-you for the compliment. I like to think I picked up on how to properly treat by watching how you treat others. I’ll always be in your shadow when it comes to that category.

    ERIN: It has been a fun run so far eh? I randomly think back to those days in the room and thinking it would have been a much better room if Kim and I were just there to run it. lol
    I guess the proof is in the pudding with the atmosphere at the gym. You guys have been great friends.

    KAYLA: Thanks for bailing us out by agreeing to do a leg at the Sinister 7 this year. Your commitment and great attitude make you an excellent running partner. Thanks for accepting the challenge and being committed to taking on the task.

    JENNY: J-rex, FUR!…You must be on list of the awesomest as well!
    The jumping jacks are legit! The slaps mean that I’m doing full range of motion! ;)
    Can’t wait for you and Grahamola to tie the knot! :D

    DAVE: I would actually love to try barefoot! Even considering my history with new sports. lol
    But I think you were a little too rough on me at the rink. You are a professional after-all. I didn’t know you were going to hit me with the broom just because I missed the button. You could have warned me and given me a chance to protect myself.

    GREGOR: Who do you think taught me about the “No-Hair Slick Back.” Of course it was Bucky! hahaha
    That Murph Day was awesome. It was my new personal best, just because I had to run my ass off just to try and keep up to those long legs of yours. lol.
    I look forward to hearing a years worth of chirps on the air next year. haha
    I’ll be 34 then….half your age. ;)

    Thanks again everyone for all the kind words, reading all your comments and knowing I have friends like you make this a great birthday. Looking forward to more WODs with all of you…and maybe the occasional night out together here and there.


  18. Darron Says:

    Happy birthday Sliv. :) Classes are always that much more entertaining with you in them. Hope it was a good one, bacon milkshake and all.

  19. devlin Says:

    Well I am clearly late for this but Happy B-day Sliv!!! It truly is awesome having you at the gym. I dont know why everyone is giving you a hard time about pearl jam, we all know they are sweet. I think they are coming to edmonton sometime in the next few months? We should probably go and enjoy an ice or two? Anyways guy, hope you ad a good one!!

  20. Charles Says:

    Wow, I am really late on this but Happy Birthday Sliv. Miss seeing your mischevious grin at the gym. It’s always more entertaining when your there. You are always good to puch me along, especially back in the early days when there were only a handful of us in any of the classes.

  21. Jonny Says:

    The fact you responded individually to each post speaks volumes to your character, Sliv….that or you have no life and excused yourself briefly from trolling facebook and twitter.

  22. Dave F. Says:

    Late as well… Happy B-day Sliv.

    Similar to Mark I wouldn’t be at Spark if it hadn’t been for Sliv’s encouragement. I remember him talking about this place where they threw medicine balls against the wall, flipped and smashed tires, and challenged each other in feats of strength and endurance. It sounded fun it has been. Thanks Sliv… Happy Birthday.

  23. jameyo Says:

    late on the Spark blog too, at least i didn’t miss it on fb. hope the bday burpees with a tummy full of bacon didn’t make you puke, sad i missed it. it’s probably a good thing jonny would call you if he was in trouble…he knows i wouldn’t be able to yell at you when you phoned me. thanks for helping him try come up with a elaborate plan to ask me out…i guess it all worked out for the best :)
    but in all honestly you are an awesome motivator…your encouragement during WOD’s (especially heavy ones), always helps me finish it. thanks for being awesome :)

  24. Sliver Says:

    Thanks again you guys…but I think I need you all to start teasing me soon or I’m going to get an ego….and I know Jonny does not want that to happen. lol ;)

    DARRON: Thank-you…classes are fun with you too….you always seem to randomly come up with a one-liner that makes me laugh.

    DEVLIN: Thank-you for coming to my rescue here. You’re a good man and we do need to head out and have an Ice sometime soon. Maybe I’ll cab it to your place for the Draft. lol

    CHARLES: It never really feels like I have to push you. You are one of the most motivated guys at the gym. I have yet to see you cheat on a rep. Never taking a short cut and hammering out every rep shows alot of character and its great to workout with you.

    JONNY: Its a good thing you found such a great woman before your looks dissipated…..but wait!….maybe they won’t!…..every now and then at a certain angle you look like….THE MOST INTERESTING MAN IN THE WORLD!

    DAVE: I was just talking with a couple other members the other day about how damn strong you’ve gotten. We’ve been friends a long time and watching you make time for your family and your fitness is inspiring. Keep it going pal.
    And remember….TOSH On Ice Tour! lol (Have you ever seen anybody unhappy on a jet ski?)

    JAMEY: I not only got to taste the bacon smoothie on the way in, but I had some gross WOD burps during and it hurt. lol
    And I still wish we got to pull off our little plan, but Jonnys sheer determination (and Facebook) helped out a little more I guess. lol
    Also…motivating someone as focused as you is very easy…and I also love trying to stay ahead of you on the rower. ;)

    Thanks again everyone…I’ve actually been out of town since Tuesday night and will be back on Friday, hopefully I’ll see you guys more regularly for the rest of the summer.

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