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We spoke a bit about the Canada Food Guide at the Nutrition Seminar last week.¬† And by speak about it I mean trash it.¬† For those of you that weren’t there you missed out on WHY it¬†is total crap and why its a recipe for diabetes and several autoimmune diseases.¬†¬†We also spoke about how it actually came to be.

Most people think it was a group of highly educated doctors and¬†dieticians¬†but unfortunately that notion is completely false.¬† It was actually a bunch of very wealthy lobbyists that convinced the government that they should encourage those¬†”daily servings” of “food groups”…and which one they should pump as the base of the pyramid.¬† Yep, good old grains and cereals are the foundation of a healthy diet, er…I mean wallet.

Take a look at this site: Go ahead, surf, read and absorb.  Sounds pretty good right?  Sound, ethical writings that in no way would appear to have influences from big bad corporations that peddle crap food and food products.

Now click here

This is¬†at the bottom of the¬†same site¬†under the heading¬†”Advertising and Sponsorship”.¬† Follow me now…don’t go ahead.¬† On the right hand side click “Who can be an ADA sponsor” and have a quick read.¬† Sounds legit eh?¬†

If you haven’t clicked on anything yet this probably isn’t making sense.¬† I know you’re obviously not doing anything at work anyway so just click on the links and get the full point of this post…3-2-1 GO!

Now that we’re all caught up click on “Who Sponsors ADA”

I’ll leave the remainder of the commenting to you because I actually do care what you have to say…Post your thoughts to Comments

6 Responses to “Conspiracy?”

  1. Sliver Says:

    Here are 2 points that LEAPED off the page at me:

    1) Providing ADA-approved educational tools and materials to ADA members that are useful in their professional work with the public

    2) Creating consumer nutrition education messages and communications programs to make them consistent with sound science and Association positions and philosophies

    The sponsors can “CREATE” AND “PROVIDE” material to the ADA!!!!

    As far as the rest goes……PLEASE CHECK THE SPONSORS AND GASP WITH ME. hahaha

  2. Jameyo Says:

    Companies that produce mass amounts of sugar based products sponsor the ADA…hmmmm, I think they are trying to make money and have no regard for society’s health at all ;)
    These companies seem to have 1 large similarity to drug dealers, harming others to make crazy amounts of cash….how do they sleep at night. No need to answer I get it, on a large pile of money.
    I think it was covered very well at the nutrition seminar that how can sugar (in any of its many forms) be good for you?
    P.s. I’ve been doing paleo for 9 days & feel great & lost 5lbs, something must be working :)

  3. Jonny Says:

    Haha ADA main sponsors:
    National Diary council
    General Mills

    No wonder they’re always trying to ram that damn soy down my throat.

  4. Timmay Says:

    So basically the ADA is the “China” of the food world…

  5. Dave F. Says:

    Eat real food. Avoid edible foodlike substances.

    Michael Pollan

  6. Humen Says:

    I like how Coke tries to put a positive spin on the beverages they sell. “Sparkling and diet beverages, juices and juice drinks, waters, teas, coffees, energy and sports drinks”. Haha. What about the product that made your company and that continues to make you millions … possibly billllllions! Terrible.

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