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Greatest Letter In Team/League History

One of my favorite (and of course most dead on) sayings around my house comes from none else than yours truely.  You can ask my wife if you don’t believe me because she hears it all the time.  And I’m sure she would agree with me on it as well ;).  It is usually preceeded by some moronic boob saying or doing something they should probably be kicked in the junk over…it goes like this:  “If the world would just listen to me it would be a much better place”.

I mean come on, can there really be an argument for that.

Clear, concise and HONEST actions and speech pretty much trump any smoothing over or butt kissing.  Not to give a blatant plug or anything but I would have to say that thats why I for one like listening to Gregor’s show (on the TEAM 1260 weekdays from 2-6).  He tells it like he sees it, backs his opinion and makes no apologies.  He may be right, he may be wrong but he sure doesn’t pussy foot around his opinion.

So what spurred today’s blog?  It was something I found on Facebook (Thanks WGM).  It went along so well with yesterday’s pure AWESOMENESS that I had to move my original thoughts for today till tomorrow.

You’ll have to click the pic to enlarge it so you can read it.  Well worth the effort.

And the response:

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5 Responses to “Greatest Letter In Team/League History”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Bahahahahah……i laughed out loud!!!!! This is a classic!!!

  2. Sliver Says:

    That is awesome!!!!

  3. Gregor Says:


    This sums it up perfectly. I can’t stand stupidity, and won’t apologize for mocking it.

    Glad you enjoy the honesty. Now you know why I like having you on when you get honest, and go on a rant about BS workouts…Love it.

  4. Stefan Says:

    I think I’ll put an email spin on that and get busy on a few special replies today…thanks Kim!

  5. Jonny Says:

    Haha. I need to make a few replies like this today.

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