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Happy New Year!

Ok here is what you’re looking at: “The Double Bacon Fatty”

  • Bacon-stuffed grilled cheese sandwich as bun top
  • Cheese
  • Bacon
  • Four-ounce beef patty
  • Bacon-stuffed grilled cheese sandwich as interstitial bun (a nod to the Big Mac)
  • Bacon
  • Cheeese
  • Four-ounce beef patty
  • Bacon-stuffed grilled cheese sandwich as bun bottom

I don’t know where its found, I don’t know how much it costs and I don’t care!  I just want one and I’m prepared to make it myself!!!  Perhaps after my New Years clean eating for a couple months I will reward myself with one.  Who am I kidding…there is no probably about it…THIS WILL GO IN MY MOUTH!  Anyone wan to join me???

I’m stealing a page from a friend of mine and instead of railing you with New Years Resolution speeches and all that crap I’m doing something completely different.  I want to know what you would eat if you could have anything in the world FOR THE LAST TIME.  Yup, no judgements here, I just want to know what the fan favorites are here at SPARK.  It can be something you’ve had or something you’d like to try.  Any food, any restaurant (or of course homemade) with any drink(s) and you can absolutely have as many ‘courses’ as you want.  One rule…you have to realistically be able to east it in one setting.

Have fun tonight and of course be safe out there guys.  As Sliver says - if you drink and drive you are proof that natural selection still exists.

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10 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Kim Says:

    An old classic today everyone:

    100 Burpees for time!

    3-2-1 GO!

  2. cheryl Says:

    woohooo i have to do yesterdays too. Im gonna have a burpee off against Jay. Hmmmm i just have some fun stories to tell after that one!!! Lol!!

  3. Graham Says:

    My Grandma makes these Meat Pyrogies that are one of the Great Wonders of the World. I would like to throw down 50 of them, eat one of her world famous apple pies with some Bryers Vanilla icecream for desert and wash it down with an ice cold Kokanee…that is all

    Will do this workout later tonight even though I ran the 5k at lunch…FML

    ps. the race is on Swack Attack!

  4. Karrie Says:

    I figured there would be burpees at some point. 11:37 and burning lungs. Oh the pain the first couple of classes will be!

  5. Jonny Says:

    My Last meal:

    My appies would be
    2 orders of ahi tuna tacos from joeys
    an order of los cabos chicken tacos from earls

    Main course
    A Dairy Whip Dbl bacon cheeseburger and fries*

    desert would be a box of turtles and a box of toffee.

    Drinks would include:

    2 ceasers
    2-4 super stoaked vodka cokes
    1 guinness
    and 1 glass of ‘The Macallan 1926′ scotch… neat

    That is my last meal.

    *The Dairy Whip is a fast food drive in in Winnipeg. Some people think that Pete’s drive in (calgary) is the best ever…clearly they have never been out east because pete’s drive in would be outta business due to the crazy amounts of amazing drive in burger joints.
    Also, for some of you that don’t believe that I can ingest such a meal, feel free to accompany me on one of my fast food cheat days. epic!

  6. cheryl Says:

    burpees 8:47lunges dips and tuck jumps - 8 23

    Jay didnt want to work out with me but decided when i was done that he should so i actually did both workouts twice….

    Cant wait for 9 am tomorrow when i can actually be at Spark…i have missed it!!!

  7. Jameyo Says:

    Attempted the 100 burpees when I got home from my 12hr night shift this morning. Got to 10 and realized I might fall asleep mid-burpee…will take a DNF for today and yesterday’s WOD. Clearly the tuck jumps in the 1st round dominated me…no good for my splitting head ache, I will keep swimming my hungover workout of choice. Clearly I actually need to be at Spark to accomplish workouts, thank goodness it was only closed for a week.

    Last Meal: The Keg…Start with a couple ceasers and stuffed mushrooms, a bottle of shiraz to go with my sirloin oscar medium rare, with double stuffed baked potatoe and veggies. Finished with a large piece of cheesecake and half a bottle of a good port. So Yummy!

  8. Sliver Says:

    My last meal…

    A huge serving of lasagna with garlic toast from CHEF’s Restaurant in Buffalo. Wash that down with Dr. Pepper and Spiced Rum (don’t knock it, til you try it).
    For Dessert I will take original inspiration from B Zwack. I would get a Brownie Batter Blizzard (size large, of course) with EXTRA EXTRA STUFF. ;)

  9. Laurie Says:

    Burpees 8:33. I am going to guess my form was bad as it was after a 30 min run. (I have bad burpee form anyways so this is a weak excuse!)

  10. Alex Says:

    That sucked! I kept putting this one off. A big dump of snow and hibernation in the house is a great excuse to 100 burpees. 9:39.

    Corn Pops is not the best meal to have prior to a WOD. But since we are talking about guilty food pleasures Corn Pops is on the list as well as just about anything on the Dairy Queen menu.

    Birthday burpees is going to be a breeze now.

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