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Look Out Ladies!

I can’t even begin to imagine the ribbing our very own Dustin is going to take for this one…

Whether he’s rescuing a cat from a tree or trying to get some facetime on the news Dustin is a SPARKer through and through! Seen here as Mr. March for the 2012 Firefighter calendar you can see he’s not afraid to show a little something for a good cause.

Affectionately known around the gym as “Dirt” one of SPARK’s own firefighters has taken one for team to help raise money for the Firefighters Burn Treatment Society. Their mission is to “provide hope, relief and reduced suffering for burn survivors and their familes” - definitely something worth throwing a few bucks at whether you want the calendar not.

If you do want one (I know this page will definitely be up at the gym) you can order from

Enjoy! And don’t forget to send a little love ‘SPARK Style’ Dirt’s way in the Comments section (but keep it semi clean…)

5 Responses to “Look Out Ladies!”

  1. Sliver Says:

    I’m on a horse!

  2. Jonny Says:

    How many abs are Spark abs and how many are air brushed….BAZINGA!

  3. jamey Says:

    oh my!! even though I personally am not a fan of these silly calanders, good for you Dirt to brave getting photographed half naked to raise a money for a good cause. As much we tease I doubt many of us would have the confidence to do the same (Sliv, Jonny)… Maybe just Cheryl cuz her abs don’t need any airbrushing :P

  4. Timmay Says:

    Hey Dustin, sorry but I couldn’t help but send this photo to Kim. I think its awesome that you did this for such a good cause…good on ya!

  5. Craig Says:

    blackman@inevitably.anta” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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