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So Its Not That People Are Lazy…

I’m sure we’ve all come to realize that one of the best ways to get people to do something they really don’t want to do is make it fun.¬† As parents when your little ones won’t eat you turn the spoon into a plane and ta-dah!¬† Aren’t kids dumb…I mean easy to please.¬†

Teaches get students to do homework by turning it into games, men wash their car at the wand wash by pretending they are on a black ops mission and they are blowing away all the bad guys…Wait…is that just me?¬† Nevermind.¬† You all get the point.

So is taking a tedious task like say, moving and turning it into something fun a good way to give some people a jump start?  The people at think so.

Pure genius.

Unless you’re too young for this reference (or just a huge stick in the mud), I doubt very much we have one person that didn’t think the scene in “Big” where they play Chopsticks on the GIANT piano didn’t look like a blast.¬† Anyone watch Wipeout?¬† One of the greatest gameshows of our time actually makes people look like how we feel after a workout.¬† People line up for it.¬† They even travel to South America to do it because on American soil its unsafe or some crap like that.¬† I mean come on…they wear helmets :)

I once heard (in reference to CrossFit) that “It doesn’t have to be fun to be fun”.¬† I take that to mean that we are inherently built to have this burning desire to accomplish something.¬† We WANT to feel alive.¬† We NEED to know that we are in charge of our own lives.¬† And most important, humans - no matter how quiet, how reserved or how timid - have this small primal center in our brains that¬†literally drive us to take a task that seems insurmountable and make it our Bitch.

Its those precious few of us that allow that urge to travel to our hearts that actually wind up carrying the whip.

To those of you training here at SPARK: you have a lot of heart.

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8 Responses to “So Its Not That People Are Lazy…”

  1. Sliver Says:

    That’s hilarious. So I’ll ask this question, to see how creative all you members can be…and it’s themed especially for Alberta. ;)

    What can we do to make shoveling fun?!

    I say we make it a legal requirement, that you must build a snowman after shoveling. Lol

  2. Jana Says:

    what an amazing idea!!!

  3. Jodie Says:

    Completely agree with the making things fun and turning something into a game. I had my class last year to be quiet by playing the “Quiet Game” (let’s see who can be the quietest, the longest). I couldn’t believe they actually fell for it :)
    Sliver, with the shoveling thing, just pretend it’s a pile of money!

  4. jameyo Says:

    hahahah! love it! keyboard stairs, that is awesome. also i love that the quiet game still works…did it all the time back in the day when i was babysitting.
    snowman or SNOW-FORT making contest would totally get people shovelling. :)

  5. Kam Says:

    this is totally genius…Just think if all the stairs in the river valley was a sweet keyboard. you’d have a beautiful back drop to run through with horrible yet entertaining music playing around you and just maybe a little bit healthier city too.

  6. Graham Says:

    You could divide the driveway into sections. Whoever finishes last is sent to Exile Island, where they hopefully find the Immunity Idle or risk being voted off Survivor.

  7. Lauren Says:

    This video is awesome! People take themselves too seriously, and it is important to have fun, even as adults.

    I love the shoveling money idea, but if I pretended it was money I would probably want to roll around in it and stuff it in my pockets ;)

  8. Alex Says:

    I applied for Wipeout Canada. Sadly, I did not get on. I hope there is another season. World’s Deepest Bin has my vote. I could spend a whole afternoon collecting garbage just to throw it in the trash.

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