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Sometimes It Is Just That Simple

We have all experienced those “think it but don’t say it” moments in life.¬† You know what I’m talking about…when you would love to grab someone by the ears and scream ‘the truth’ (or how you perceive it anyway) into their face so hard they feel it all the way down their throat.

Thankfully I’m in a position where I can do that as it is my role to make sure everyone here gets it.¬† I also can’t really get in trouble from¬†a ‘boss’ per se¬†so my filter isn’t set as high as most.¬† That of course either means that in most people’s eyes¬†I’m either extremely well spoken and brilliant or a total a-hole.¬† Perhaps I am a bit of both.¬† Think what you may but the bottom line is that I have a job to do and I do it as well as I can.¬† I make no apologies for my approach because its what gets the job done.

I often wish politicians were the same way as a heck of a lot more would get accomplished and we would know what they really want.¬† Wishy washy BS doesn’t cut it with me and you all know that.¬† I want the truth and I want it plain.¬† I don’t believe in sugar coating as it accomplishes nothing and more importantly, no one walks away better because of it.¬† That person probably still sucks at what they were trying to do and now they think they’re ok and don’t want to try to change it while you are now stuck with the same problem you didn’t have the balls to do something about.

Now here is a guy that had had enough and finally said it like it is.¬† Now beware, this does contain some rather ‘extreme’ language so make sure anyone within earshot doesn’t mind.¬† And seriously, if you don’t want to hear foul language don’t press play and complain to me later because that just pisses me off.

Post thoughts to Comments if you can see through your tears of laughter

8 Responses to “Sometimes It Is Just That Simple”

  1. Darron Says:

    haha - love it!

    But dammit, I want a hot dog.

  2. cheryl Says:

    It really is just that simple!!!!

    Love this one!!!

  3. Sliver Says:

    That’s absolutely hilarious. And yes. It is just that simple. Hahaha

  4. angela Says:

    Love It!

    I say stuff like that to the chunky monkeys at the office who complain daily about their weight.

    Sigh Sigh….No one listens to me! Maybe I need more colorful language….

  5. Lauren Says:

    Brilliant! that guy desires a Nobel Prize!

  6. Jonny Says:

    Kim. Next nutrition seminar, can I use this guys approach?

  7. Jameyo Says:

    Hahahahaha, I was laughing out loud!! Love it, it is that simple…the 220lb person sitting next to me in the break room wasn’t laughing…..

  8. Alex Says:

    I’m allergic to carrots… :(

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