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Why You Get Fat

I could spend hours talking about why people get fat…actually I do spend hours talking about why people get fat.  Unfortunately when I see the glazed look in their eyes I know I’ve lost them.

I’m going to let the video below do the talking today.  Its ‘fancy’ little graphics could really help even the most confused get the basic principles down.

Any questions?  Post your thoughts to Comments.

6 Responses to “Why You Get Fat”

  1. Jonny Says:

    Awesome post, Kim!

    If anyone has time to sit down and read Taube’s ‘Good Calories Bad Calories’ DO IT!!!

    I enjoyed the book and all the great info in it, like the video above. The book also goes into the history of why we are eating the way we do in a north american society now and how certain “interest groups” play huge roles in what goes in our gut.

  2. Karie T Says:

    So that’s why. Eating all those bagels in the 90’s thinking I was making a healthy choice, when really all I was doing was messing up my cells ability to use fat. And, now I’m paying for it :(

  3. Stefan Says:

    Great video. I guess I have to stop blaming the person who keeps bringing boxes of donuts to the office!

  4. Graham Says:

    I cant seem to find the article now but, a while ago i heard of a university prof who was going to try to lose weight while only eating chocolate bars. He was going to go on a low calorie diet to see if caloric intake was reaaly the only variable that mattered in a diet. I’m not sure of the results but it would be interesting to find out.

  5. Angela Says:

    Graham that prof was on an episode of The Dr.s. Interestingly he lost weight.

    I wish I could e-mail this video to the chunky office monkeys.

  6. Charlie Says:

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    tnx for info!!…

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