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New and Improved

Its been a long time since anything has been posted here and this will most likely be the last - on good note!

Our new website is long overdue and is currently being finished. It will be updated with new shots of the gym, a simpler navigation and a lot more SIMPLER information about us.

Here’s to getting better!

For the latest updates and info as well as when the new site will be live and of course awesome little tidbits on health and fitness please:

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Women and Weights

Just finished my second spot on CTV Morning Live - where we talked about and women and weight training - and I thought I would expand a bit here. This is both a topic that I love and hate to discuss.

I love how it can help a woman gain strength, confidence, self worth and a sense of independence. I love how weight training can help someone acheive their goals. I love how it lights a competitive fire under their ass daring them to try harder and to beat it. And to those who don’t let the steel win I tip my hat to you. Remember, that weight you cannot lift today will still be the same weight tomorrow and in the days to come. What that barbell doesn’t know is that in the days to come you WILL get stronger and you WILL hunt it down and you WILL pick it up and then laugh in its face.

I hate this topic because of all the myths and misinformation! Sadly, this crap that is out there is often perpetuated by useless “trainers” that don’t know anything. It is also taken as gospel by those not in the field - which I don’t understand at all. You don’t ask your doctor what’s wrong with your car so why do people ask their neighbor how they should exercise? Go to the experts people…KNOWLEDGABLE, REPUTABLE, and of course CREDENTIALED trainers.

Ladies, you will not get big from lifting weights. You can’t. You don’t have the right equipment downstairs to produce enough of the hormones that make you big. You will however lose weight. IF YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT THEN TRY PICKING SOME UP! You decrease your chance of osteoporosis, you will be healthier, you will bounce back quicker from child birth, you will reverse years of a sedentary lifestyle and of course you will feel and look better.

Want arms that don’t flap in the breeze? GET OFF THE TREADMILL. Sure you can lose weight by doing hours of cardio but now you’re just thinner and flabby instead of actually have some muscle tone.

One of my happiest memories as a trainer was when one of my women clients came to me almost floating and told me how she was finally able to pull that 50lb bag of dog food out of her car and take it into the house without having to get her husband. She still had the checkout boy put it there but that means nothing with what comes next. That day (in her words not mine) “I was going to make that bag of dog food my bitch!”

And did she ever. Not only did she take it out of her car and throw it over her shoulder, she jogged around her house three times with it before she took it in! Ladies, if you want to improve your health, fitness, lifestyle and yes, your looks, you NEED to weight train with some heavy weights.

Give us a call and ask us how.

Post thoughts to Comments - especially those women who just beat the woman they thought they were by the woman they really are.


Look Out Ladies!

I can’t even begin to imagine the ribbing our very own Dustin is going to take for this one…

Whether he’s rescuing a cat from a tree or trying to get some facetime on the news Dustin is a SPARKer through and through! Seen here as Mr. March for the 2012 Firefighter calendar you can see he’s not afraid to show a little something for a good cause.

Affectionately known around the gym as “Dirt” one of SPARK’s own firefighters has taken one for team to help raise money for the Firefighters Burn Treatment Society. Their mission is to “provide hope, relief and reduced suffering for burn survivors and their familes” - definitely something worth throwing a few bucks at whether you want the calendar not.

If you do want one (I know this page will definitely be up at the gym) you can order from

Enjoy! And don’t forget to send a little love ‘SPARK Style’ Dirt’s way in the Comments section (but keep it semi clean…)


Bacon Flavored Toothpaste!

Yes, its true!¬† Not only do we have a jar of Baconaise at the gym, we have now been blessed with Bacon Flavored Toothpaste…Thanks Becky!

I believe it was brought in for an even BIGGER event.¬† I know right?¬† How could anything be bigger than Bacon Flavored Tootpaste?¬† Maybe I should just keep writing “Bacon Flavored Toothpaste”…

So another year has come and gone for our as of late long lost Trainer Sliv!¬† HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!¬† We miss you buddy.¬† Stop working on the road so much.¬† You should probably wander in a little more often.¬† I mean come on…whats more important…paying your mortagage and¬†eating or stopping by so we can see that sweet copper beard of yours.

You know you’ll always be a part of what we have at SPARK.¬† Most will never know, but I will NEVER forget what you did to help get this beast running.

Love ya my Maritime Brother.

Make fun of Sliv in the comments?  YES PLEASE!

I thought I would include this picture because its funny and because it made me think of Sliver.¬† Not because of his lady relationships but because he probably knows who this guy is…Is there anyone Sliv doesn’t know???



Now I know some of you just got really excited but don’t jump to conclusions.¬† This is not an announcement for the good old “Shirts and Skins” team night.¬† Its an information sessions on Skins products.¬† And just to clear things up…no, we have never had a shirts and skins team night.

Some of you have seen many of the Elite CrossFitters from Games videos, web pics and really most forms of media dressed in some pretty tight fitting gear.  Is this to show off their their shredded bodies?  No.  It is actually compression clothing.  The most common being Skins.

A few people have given them a whirl around the gym with what sounds like fairly positive feedback.¬† I’m not going to get into the science and theories behind compression clothing as there are some handouts you can download below.¬† Suffice it to say that people feel better from wearing them.¬† I have some that I wear when I travel as I tend to swell up like a dead critter thats been soaking in the water for a week - not a pretty site.¬† It keeps my swelling down which allows to me to have a much more enjoyable time.

Some wear them to work out in, some prefer to wear them after workouts and some wear them to stay warm (cold weather running / outdoor activities).  Whatever the reason, if it aids in their recovery who really cares.

I’m sure many of you have questions about them and¬†I don’t have the answers.¬† BUT I know someone who does…

On Tuesday next week (June 7) Chris Fletcher from Skins will be coming to the gym to put up a display of their products and answer questions.¬† There will be no gear to purchase at the time but if you would like some that would be the night to do it.¬† Chris is offering us an opportunity to order the gear at 50% off the MSRP (plus shipping / handling and GST).¬† Its a great deal as this stuff isn’t the cheapest attire.

Anyway, he will be at the gym from about 4:30 till close ready to answer questions and show off the gear.¬† Even if you don’t plan on purchasing anything I’m sure it will be a very informative evening.

Classes will go as scheduled with no interruptions so come early or stay late.  Please read the info posted below so you have a bit of a clue as to what these things are!  And by all means you can bring whoever you want with you - this is for ANYONE, not just the SPARKers.

Post below whether you’re in or out.





Why You Get Fat

I could spend hours talking about why people get fat…actually I do spend hours talking about why people get fat.¬† Unfortunately when I see the glazed look in their eyes I know I’ve lost them.

I’m going to let the video below do the talking today.¬† Its ‘fancy’ little graphics could really help even the most confused get the basic principles down.

Any questions?  Post your thoughts to Comments.



We spoke a bit about the Canada Food Guide at the Nutrition Seminar last week.¬† And by speak about it I mean trash it.¬† For those of you that weren’t there you missed out on WHY it¬†is total crap and why its a recipe for diabetes and several autoimmune diseases.¬†¬†We also spoke about how it actually came to be.

Most people think it was a group of highly educated doctors and¬†dieticians¬†but unfortunately that notion is completely false.¬† It was actually a bunch of very wealthy lobbyists that convinced the government that they should encourage those¬†”daily servings” of “food groups”…and which one they should pump as the base of the pyramid.¬† Yep, good old grains and cereals are the foundation of a healthy diet, er…I mean wallet.

Take a look at this site: Go ahead, surf, read and absorb.  Sounds pretty good right?  Sound, ethical writings that in no way would appear to have influences from big bad corporations that peddle crap food and food products.

Now click here

This is¬†at the bottom of the¬†same site¬†under the heading¬†”Advertising and Sponsorship”.¬† Follow me now…don’t go ahead.¬† On the right hand side click “Who can be an ADA sponsor” and have a quick read.¬† Sounds legit eh?¬†

If you haven’t clicked on anything yet this probably isn’t making sense.¬† I know you’re obviously not doing anything at work anyway so just click on the links and get the full point of this post…3-2-1 GO!

Now that we’re all caught up click on “Who Sponsors ADA”

I’ll leave the remainder of the commenting to you because I actually do care what you have to say…Post your thoughts to Comments


Running For / From The Border

Beasley Allen, an Alabama based law firm is taking Taco Bell to court over their beef - or supposed lack of it.¬† The claims¬†are that the “beef” the Bell uses is not quite enough…well, beef.¬† The USDA standards state that in order for meat to be classified as meat it must contain at least 40% meat.¬†

40%?¬† Really?¬† I guess gone are the days where meat is a good old chunk of flesh.¬† Oh grow up!¬† I don’t want to hear how ‘gross’ that sounds because it is what it is.¬† Stop pretending that all of the sudden the TRUTH makes it gross.

Anyway, the firm alleges that the meat at The Border is only 36% meat which of course is below standards.¬† “The other 64% is mostly tasteless fibers, various industrial additives and some flavoring and coloring. Everything is processed into a mass that actually looks like beef, and packed into big containers labeled as “taco meat filling.” These containers get shipped to Taco Bell’s outlets and cooked into something that looks like beef, is called beef and is advertised as beef by the fast food chain.”

Now to be fair, they aren’t asking for any money¬†but oddly enough I couldn’t find what the end goal was.¬† My guess was to stop calling it beef or meat because they believe we are being duped by a big company.

In response, Taco Bell has launched quite the campaign to discredit the lawyers involved.¬† They have taken ads out in every major paper all over the States saying “Thank You For Suing Us’.¬† I admire that they haven’t hid or made excuses.¬† They have made their stand and picked this as their hill to die on.¬† Below is Taco President and CEO Greg Creed’s response to the allegations.

Its tough to pick sides on this one.¬† On the one hand you have a money and fame hungry lawyer looking to make a name for himself and on the other a Gazillion dollar corporation that clearly sells less than healthy foods that seems to be covering their ass.¬† But who knows.¬† There doesn’t really seem to be any spin doctoring¬†or excuses.¬† You gotta love when a company stands up and says “you want to know…here you go”.

Now let me be clear here, I am not defending Fast Food but I do fancy myself a critical thinker.¬† What I find¬†troubling is that there doesn’t seem to be any test results or proof of the 35%.¬† When the hell did we start trusting lawyers in a he said she said case?¬† I couldn’t find anyone that had a red flag raised - including myself (mine came later when I sat down and did some reading).¬† Pretty much everyone turned up their nose and said they knew TB was crap all along.¬† My guess is that they went to Wendy’s that week.¬†

So is the Bell good or bad?  Make your own choices.  Always do your homework guys because there is a lot more than fake beef floating around out there.

What are your thoughts?¬† My final one is that if we can’t even get people to stop smoking or drinking and driving a “call out” isn’t going to get people to stop eating fast food.¬† Money better spent elsewhere?¬† I think so.

Post thoughts to “Comments”


So Its Not That People Are Lazy…

I’m sure we’ve all come to realize that one of the best ways to get people to do something they really don’t want to do is make it fun.¬† As parents when your little ones won’t eat you turn the spoon into a plane and ta-dah!¬† Aren’t kids dumb…I mean easy to please.¬†

Teaches get students to do homework by turning it into games, men wash their car at the wand wash by pretending they are on a black ops mission and they are blowing away all the bad guys…Wait…is that just me?¬† Nevermind.¬† You all get the point.

So is taking a tedious task like say, moving and turning it into something fun a good way to give some people a jump start?  The people at think so.

Pure genius.

Unless you’re too young for this reference (or just a huge stick in the mud), I doubt very much we have one person that didn’t think the scene in “Big” where they play Chopsticks on the GIANT piano didn’t look like a blast.¬† Anyone watch Wipeout?¬† One of the greatest gameshows of our time actually makes people look like how we feel after a workout.¬† People line up for it.¬† They even travel to South America to do it because on American soil its unsafe or some crap like that.¬† I mean come on…they wear helmets :)

I once heard (in reference to CrossFit) that “It doesn’t have to be fun to be fun”.¬† I take that to mean that we are inherently built to have this burning desire to accomplish something.¬† We WANT to feel alive.¬† We NEED to know that we are in charge of our own lives.¬† And most important, humans - no matter how quiet, how reserved or how timid - have this small primal center in our brains that¬†literally drive us to take a task that seems insurmountable and make it our Bitch.

Its those precious few of us that allow that urge to travel to our hearts that actually wind up carrying the whip.

To those of you training here at SPARK: you have a lot of heart.

Post thoughts to Comments.


Did Fred Durst Start A Revolution?

The first time I heard the phrase “Hot Dog Flavored Water” was from the name of a Limp Bizkit album back in 2000.¬† Apparently (or so had been told when the album came out) the band had a little inside joke about the whole thing.¬†¬†They were in a convenience store laughing¬†about all the different flavored waters that were flooding the market and said before you know it it’ll be flavored like hot dogs.

Well look no more my little broken up band…

From their site ( “An authentic taste of the Big Apple you can sip through a straw! Ever wondered how those street cart vendors go when they have to go? With all that dirty water just sitting right there? Now try to enjoy this liquidy libation! Hot Dog!”

But thats not it folks…they have just released their 50th flavor!¬† I won’t list them all (you can check the site if you really want to know - but I promise…some of the flavor descriptions are worth the wasted 15 minutes) but I will list a few of my favs: Mountain Oysters (yes bull testicles), Currywurst, Haggis, Sushi, Shrimp Pad Thai and of course Beef Jerky.

And here are a few of their claims:

“You will see an increase in size and a decrease in body fat, improved recovery abilities, and an increase in strength.”

“By drinking Meatwater you can cut down on exercising and eating time, and have more time to enjoy yourself.”

“MeatWater provides the essence of nutrition and the memory of dining without the hassle of eating. Professionals need ruthless efficiency to thrive in today’s busy marketplace. People don’t have time to google, walk their dogs, or stop their workflow simply to take in a meal. Successful people today are demanding the next generation of efficiency and luxury, and our innovative lifetool provides that for such an elite consumer.”

“We believe in choice. As food scientists, we have learned that at a quantum level it becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate between liquid and solid. Therefor, we believe that each individual should be able to make that choice for themselves, based on their own identity, and without interference.”

“Many people choose to mix MeatWater with vodka, again a lifestyle choice. This allows people to combine dinner and drinks, providing an even higher level of efficiency for today’s busy athlecutive.”

And now to top it all off is of course a commercial.¬† You won’t believe it.

And for some reason its still a mystery as to why the world is getting fatter…

Post thoughts to Comments


Greatest Letter In Team/League History

One of my favorite (and of course most dead on) sayings around my house comes from none else than yours truely.¬† You can ask my wife if you don’t believe me because she hears it all the time.¬† And I’m sure she would agree with me on it as well ;).¬† It is usually preceeded by some moronic boob saying or doing something they should probably be kicked in the junk over…it goes like this:¬† “If the world would just listen to me it would be a much better place”.

I mean come on, can there really be an argument for that.

Clear, concise and HONEST actions and speech pretty much trump any smoothing over or butt kissing.¬† Not to give a blatant plug or anything but I would have to say that thats why I for one like listening to Gregor’s show (on the TEAM 1260 weekdays from 2-6).¬† He tells it like he sees it, backs his opinion and makes no apologies.¬† He may be right, he may be wrong but he sure doesn’t pussy foot around his opinion.

So what spurred today’s blog?¬† It was something I found on Facebook (Thanks WGM).¬† It went along so well with yesterday’s pure AWESOMENESS that I had to move my original thoughts for today till tomorrow.

You’ll have to click the pic to enlarge it so you can read it.¬† Well worth the effort.

And the response:

Post thoughts to Comments.


Sometimes It Is Just That Simple

We have all experienced those “think it but don’t say it” moments in life.¬† You know what I’m talking about…when you would love to grab someone by the ears and scream ‘the truth’ (or how you perceive it anyway) into their face so hard they feel it all the way down their throat.

Thankfully I’m in a position where I can do that as it is my role to make sure everyone here gets it.¬† I also can’t really get in trouble from¬†a ‘boss’ per se¬†so my filter isn’t set as high as most.¬† That of course either means that in most people’s eyes¬†I’m either extremely well spoken and brilliant or a total a-hole.¬† Perhaps I am a bit of both.¬† Think what you may but the bottom line is that I have a job to do and I do it as well as I can.¬† I make no apologies for my approach because its what gets the job done.

I often wish politicians were the same way as a heck of a lot more would get accomplished and we would know what they really want.¬† Wishy washy BS doesn’t cut it with me and you all know that.¬† I want the truth and I want it plain.¬† I don’t believe in sugar coating as it accomplishes nothing and more importantly, no one walks away better because of it.¬† That person probably still sucks at what they were trying to do and now they think they’re ok and don’t want to try to change it while you are now stuck with the same problem you didn’t have the balls to do something about.

Now here is a guy that had had enough and finally said it like it is.¬† Now beware, this does contain some rather ‘extreme’ language so make sure anyone within earshot doesn’t mind.¬† And seriously, if you don’t want to hear foul language don’t press play and complain to me later because that just pisses me off.

Post thoughts to Comments if you can see through your tears of laughter

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